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Considering the current conditions, namely in the restrictions on the mobility of citizens and the various uncertainties in the resumption of the activity, the management of Tropical Sol, decided to keep our tourist enterprise open until further information otherwise.

However, we will have some changes to normal operation:
- Between 20 October and 20 December 2020, the reception is closed between 00.00 and 08.00. During this period, all customers will be housed in apartments with direct access to the outside. If necessary during this period, customers can always call from the apartment or a mobile phone to the reception where we will respond as quickly as possible.
- The outdoor pool will be serviced for essential maintenance, therefore, it cannot be used during the months of November and December 2020, the entire surrounding area may be conditioned due to the work.
- In the breakfast service, customers who have not previously contracted you will have to make a pre-reservation the day before.
The remaining services remain unchanged until further notice.

Tropical Sol remains committed to ensuring the requirements defined by healthcare organizations in order to guarantee the safety of our customers.


At Tropical Sol, we follow all the DGS recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and we call on all our guests to take responsible behavior. In this way, we focus our action on three essential principles: safeguarding social distance , use of personal protection equipment, reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection measures.

Below you can see some frequently asked questions:
I have a reservation for the period when Tropical Sol is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, what can I do?
If you booked directly with us, we guarantee a full refund, without any fees. Alternatively, we are happy to postpone your reservation for another occasion. However, there may be some price difference from the daily tariff. If you have booked through an intermediary, please contact them directly.

How can I protect myself?
The mandatory use of protective masks in social areas;
Hand hygiene, using our gel alcohol dispensers for this purpose, in several public points of the Hotel;
Maintaining a safety distance of 2 meters from other guests and employees;
In the elevator, you must not share the same with other customers, unless you are a family or share the same apartment;
Choose the ventilation of the apartment, with the windows open instead of the air conditioning; Avoid sharing personal items or food you have touched; Consult and respect the signs found in public spaces on specific procedures and measures for Covid-19, whenever requested, follow the instructions of our employees.

How will the reception be performed?
The reception desk will have an acrylic glass to separate the receptionist from the guests. A thermometer will be available at the reception to be used at our discretion or if any of the customers requests it.
For any further clarification, we suggest that you prefer communication via telephone, (key 9) from your apartment.
At the reception you can get information on where to buy: masks, gloves, disinfectant gel and others.

Are all Hotel services available?
Yes, all services will work in full, although with some restrictions, namely:
In the areas of restaurants and beverages, the opening hours are maintained, which is why we ask for their frequency, in the hours of less affluence.
The number of customers during the service will be controlled and the use of outdoor areas for consumption is privileged.
All employees will be equipped with PPE.
The space between the tables will be guaranteed to safeguard social distance, as well as to reinforce the cleaning and disinfection of the table surfaces after each service.
The buffet service will be replaced by a personalized service.
At the Pool, we reduced the number of sunbeds, which are properly spaced, we appeal to the common sense of our guests to maintain the distance between other guests, inside and outside the pool.

How will cleaning and disinfection work?
In apartments, tidying and cleaning operations are mandatory without the presence of the customer, if you want to stay in the apartment during cleaning, you have to put on a mask;
We intensified the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, contact areas and equipment shared;
We guarantee that your apartment will be ventilated and that the interval between occupations allows you to comply with the disinfection rules recommended by WHO.

These measures may change due to the evolution of the pandemic or new obligations imposed by law.

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